To do something the very first basic thing is to START DOING. I want to explore the beauty of the world, to feel the breeze, to run along the time; to be with the earth where we live in. This place we live in is so beautifully created with all peace,happiness,joy,love,prosperity,and lot more emotional attachment in it. My biggest wish ever is to experience the emotions of the nature. I am a true believer that time will take me to my goals.

          This is not my first time but for this blog it was my first time to visit a place at GUWAHATI (INDIA) to experience the beautiful sunset from above the city. This city with lot of crowded streets, unstoppable traffic conditions and polluted environment have some really beautiful & peaceful places. So as the hill next behind the “ASSAM STATE ZOO CUM BOTANICAL GARDEN” is a good place. It gives the entire city view with though the city don’t look that cool from there. It is a place to relax sitting on the rocks present there with beautiful cold breeze. The place is out of the reach of the city people as we have to climb to hills to reach there. The people living nearby are really awesome and response politely. I totally enjoyed that evening being there. Those 3-4 hours were worthy to spend a worry free time. I enjoyed every minute spend there. It was also foggy that day as it is DECEMBER (the month of winter). You people also must visit this place if you are around GUWAHATI city. “A PLACE TO RELAX YOUR WORRIES”, i would say. I will post some of the photographs down below (scroll down and check it out).


       This is my first experience blog from the city i am living now. And i hope to explore more new places here within and share with you beautiful guys sitting back and reading my blog. There is a lot more coming up in my next blog. THANKS FOR SPENDING YOUR PRECIOUS TIME AND READING THIS.